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Rewind is the brainchild of Cory & Dave. They got together in Cory's basement just to play music that they grew up on and liked listening to. After playing together for a while they decided to try & find some other musicians who shared the same passion for playing good upbeat music, no matter what genre.

"Good music is Good Music, no matter who it's by" is the theme behind "Rewind". Songs that we grew up on and heard on the radio. Songs that people danced to back when they first heard them and still dance to when they hear them today.

When you come to a Rewind show that is what you'll hear. All of the Great Dance Classic Rock Songs fromt the 50s to the 80s. Wear your most comfortable shoes because you'll find yourself on the dance floor along with everybody else!

Cory - Drums/Vocals

Pounding on stuff since age 2, Cory found a set of drums to pound on about 4 years ago.
He now pounds out the beats and supplies lead & backing vocals for Rewind.

Danielle - Lead Vocals

Danielle has been singing publicly since her youth.  She's been performing rock, jazz, and original music in Madison for five years, and is looking forward to entertaining with her new friends in Rewind.  Her solo project, Morning Metaphor, is light folk rock and you can find it here: soundcloud.com/morningmetaphor.

Tyler - Bass/Vocals

Tyler has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old when he got his first taste of heavy metal. After switching to bass in the late 80's, he has held down the low end for numerous rock, country, blues and funk bands throughout Michigan and Wisconsin including the popular Drivin' Blind and ODNT. He even played bass for a polka band for a short time. He doesn't like to talk about it. Those were dark times.

He grew up in the 80's and though it's three decades later, his mind and spirit have stayed there. This shows in his passion for music, performing for people and the spirit of rock and roll!!!
Tyler uses Fender basses and Acoustic amps
David - Guitar/Backing Vocals

David grew up listening to local Rock & Roll stations in a small town in NC. He started playing in bands in local bars at the age of 20.

He then moved to Los Angeles and played for many years in the Hollywood area.

He found himself in WI and after a 12 year hiatus from playing guitar the playing bug bit him. He joined up with "JC & Legend" and played a year with them. After they disbanded David started looking for people to play with that wanted to have fun and play any style of music as long as it was good. He found his home with "Rewind".